Donation Policy

Northway Car Wash gets requests for donations on a weekly basis. As such, we are selective with the number of charitable donations that we can honor. In order to help us evaluate your request as easily as possible, we ask that you take the following steps.

Step 1:
Think about your request. Does it fit with our giving priorities? Do we have what you need (merchandise, certificates, etc.)?

Step 2:

Write up a request on your organization’s letterhead, and include the following information:

  • Information about your organization, and who the event, program or initiative will benefit
  • Date of the event (if applicable)
  • What you need from us
  • Name, address, and daytime phone of a contact person

Step 3:
Please email an attachment of your donation request to

Once your submission is received, we will evaluate the request. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

We cannot permit solicitation (leafleting, selling candy, placement of donation boxes, selling flowers, etc.) on our property by an organization, for any purpose. In addition, we are unable to give to:

  • Individuals (however, we do give to agencies that help individuals)
  • Professional development seminars and conferences
  • Employee recognition events
  • Political organizations or lobbying groups
  • Travel expenses for educational or extracurricular events
  • Pageants