The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (“PEC”) announced on April 12, 2010, that Jerry Feldman, owner of Jerry’s Car Wash and Northway Car Wash, is a recipient of the 2010 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence.

At the awards ceremony, Don Welsh, President of PEC, stated that by “showcasing the outstanding efforts of organizations, businesses, and individuals throughout the commonwealth, we can inspire new generations of environmental stewards.”

Soapy water contains phosphates, chlorine and other non biodegradable chemicals. When you wash your car at home and that water runs down the storm drain, it doesn’t get treated first. It enters ground water and watersheds along with engine and brake residue, oil, grease and more, harming fish and the environment.

That’s why we take special care to protect the world we share. At Northway:

  • Filtered wastewater is sent to approved municipal sewage systems for disposal
  • Solid waste is hauled away and disposed of safely
  • Our advanced equipment uses approximately 20 gallons per car instead of 100-200 gallons used at home

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has appointed Jerry Feldman, owner, to both the Ohio River Basin and Pennsylvania Statewide Water Resources Committees. He also is charman of the Water Conservation Subcommittee. Established under Act 220, the committees will develop guidelines and policies for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and Pennsylvania State Legislature to follow as they establish the state water plan.